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Web Stories


Web Stories and Social Change

WordCityStudio collaborations and explorations include online intersections of digital research and storytelling emphasizing the positive power of social media virality to create change, expand communities and empower visionaries and changemakers to communicate through social media broadcasting. 


The Neuroscience of Social Media and Social Good


Power and Care Conference, Mind and Life Institute, Brussels, Belgium, September 2016. Dalai Lama in live discussions with world leaders on neuroscience, compassion, power and gender. Research and photo documentation. 

Mind and Life Institute Europe, Senior Researcher: Social Media for Social Good, August 2015. Ongoing research on meditation, neuroscience and compassion. Viral media and the brain.  


The Viral Media Lab


The Viral Media Lab (2011-2016) began as a digital publication for social good storytelling and a broadcast nexus for “good viruses.” The Wordpress platform morphed into a learning laboratory and active classroom at The New School for Public Engagement. As a hands-on course, The Viral Media Lab combined field research (Occupy Wall Street, street art interventions, rallies, flash mobs, etc.) with multimedia and digital projects. 

Now a digital archive of stories and multimedia campaigns on social good virality, everyday heroes, cultural change and social media storytelling. Featured in #SearchUnderOccupy at Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery, Parsons School of Design, 2012. 


Postcards, Post Sandy

Postcards, Post Sandy (2012-2013)  originated as a public storytelling portal, learning lab and interdisciplinary pop-up course for undergraduate and graduate students in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Funded by the Ford Foundation/The New School for Public Engagement Presented at AASHE Conference on Education and Sustainability, Nashville, TN, 2013