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Media Collaborations


Into the Night, a documentary by Helen Whitney

Comprehensive communications plan and social media platform build for PBS documentary, broadcast nationally in March 2018. Includes digital strategy, press integration and outreach, event management (IFC Center of New York City, Green-Wood Brooklyn and KQED San Francisco), social media graphics and website expansion.


Matthieu Ricard: Social Media, Book Launches and Events

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Comprehensive Digital Strategy, including documentation of book tour events, substantially expanding social media followings, educating staff of non-profit, established by Matthieu Ricard, fundraising videos, book trailers, Quote Card series, Instagram launch of his extensive collection of photography. 

Beyond the Self (2017)

Book launch campaign, including live event collaboration with Omega Institute at Symphony Space featuring Richard Gere.

A Plea for the Animals (2016)

Social media campaign, including live book launch events at Marble Collegiate Church with Laurie Anderson in conversation and guided meditation and The Path.


Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Social media and multimedia campaign to expand outreach for release of Matthieu Ricard’s masterwork, Altruism. Coincided with “Altruism” TedTalk; documentation of events including interview with Ariana Huffington at Huffington Post headquarters; talks, presentations and guided meditations at Rubin Museum, NYC; Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC; The Path, NYC; Mind and Life Institute, Cheimsee, Germany.


Imagine Clarity Meditation App

Launch Campaign (2016-17) 

Bilingual meditation app produced in collaboration with Matthieu Ricard and Imagine Clarity LLC, based in Finland. Social media campaign (English and French); digital media strategy; online community-building; documentation of live events; representing start-up at conferences 

(Power and Care, Mind and Life Institute with the Dalai Lama and luminaries, Brussels, Belgium) 


#StreetLovingKindness with Sharon Salzberg

Series of walking meditation videos produced in collaboration with Josh Baran Productions. Designed for digital sharing to expand reach of Salzberg’s core teachings on metta or loving kindness to amplify release of her book, Real Love.


The Last Dalai Lama? Documentary by Mickey Lemle

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Social media communications and Kickstarter campaign for documentary about HH Dalai Lama. In three weeks, established and developed social media audience; outreach strategy; Kickstarter blog posts; 24/7 messaging to exceed original goal, 170% funded (2015). Follow-up social media campaign for international film tour (2017).