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Original Multimedia Courses

Kathleen Sweeney has designed a series of undergraduate multimedia creativity, media literacy and social media innovation. Currently an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The New School for Public Engagement, she has presented at conferences, museums, schools and universities across the country.

  • Girl Innovators: Teen girls as movement leaders and culture shifters: Joan of Arc to Malala.
  • The Viral Media Lab: An archive and learning laboratory on social media storytelling for social good.
  • Beyond iCelebrities: Celebrities as change-makers and social good influencers. (online)
  • Hero(ine)s: Expanded gender roles in pop culture and multimedia.
  • This is Your Brain on Comedy: Comedians as taboo-breakers.
  • Eureka Icons of Media History: Communications Inventions and Human Evolution.

Youth Media Projects:

Teenagers taught me everything I know...

“Seeing Like a Camera” Dia Beacon: Education Artist in Residence (2004-2008). Collaboration with Beacon High School arts faculty and Dia: Beacon Education curator. Installation, photography and video art for teenagers. Exhibitions at DIA and Fovea Gallery, Beacon, NY.

Reel Grrls, Seattle. Founding NEA Artist in Residence for acclaimed teenage girl film program (2001-2006).

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Kathleen Sweeney

BA, French Literature, NYU; MA, Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco State University (Certified yoga instructor, extensive meditation studies). As Assistant Professor at The New School for Public Engagement, Kathleen crafts original courses on media history, social media, social change, gender and identity, weaving media literacy, neuroscience, pop culture, contemporary art, street art and tech innovation.