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108 Waterfalls



108 Waterfalls, an ongoing travelogue in video, records waterfalls in diverse locations around the world for 108 seconds, waterfalling with the flow of their wildness. How many breaths occur in 108 seconds? Beyond the snapshot, a shift occurs, the heart rate slows to the white noise of rushing water. 

108 Waterfalls represents the startling, awe-worthy beauty of waterfalls and their wild power to hypnotize into timelessness:  the wonder of colossal Icelandic cascades, or diminutive chutes discovered while hiking. Negative ions from water flow mitigate the positive ion barrage of daily electronic experience. In daydream, brains relax to default mode, stillness calming the nervous system.

Rushing water changes you.


Projects: Selected Exhibitions

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Take Me Home, The Piano Roll Project


Chasing Waterfalls





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Something About Mary