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Social Good

Book jacket design for Tomas Cizek's The Ruse



Consultation and Strategy 

Word City Studio serves to amplify social good messaging through Digital and Communications Consulting for artists, authors, filmmakers, non-profits, entrepreneurs and innovators, emphasizing creative sustainability and resilience.


Digital Mindfulness


Digital Mindfulness operates from the principle that we all have the potential to broadcast ideas at the highest frequency. What messages do you transmit online? What core values resonate from your channels? How can we create resilient communities in the digital space? How does our digital presence interact with others?  

We can help you refine and define your voice and your message online. 


Digital Footprint Report


The Digital Footprint Report examines all communications portals including website, social media platforms, blogs, logos, mission statements and graphics to unlock hidden stories to help expand audiences.  

These reports serve as the nexus of comprehensive communications strategy collaborations with Word City Studio, assessing and identifying community growth potential through analytics, providing how-tos for best practices and improved multimedia integration and SEO.