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Street Art

Street Art Photography


Street Art: Messages on the Edges


The creative ephemera of anonymous artists inhabiting and dialoguing with passersby with unexpected messages and images left on walls, ruins, doorways and sidewalks captured in daily walks and global travels through inner cities and outer landscapes in New York City, Brooklyn, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Reykjavik, Brussels, Berkeley, and Paris.


Street Art: Signs of the Resistance

Participation in peaceful marches to the tune of hundreds of thousands or a million people, creates a space for collective possibility, through the exuberant, undeniable force of a majority rules democracy taking to the streets. Slogans originating from handmade signs have echoed on social media in the aftermath of these powerful displays of free speech and the freedom of assembly, guaranteed by the U.S. Bill of Rights.


March for Our Lives, NYC 2018

A youth-led national march to protest gun violence and the NRA. The DC coalition of this march broke all records for mass peaceful protest in our nation's capital.


Women's March, NYC 2018

At the one-year anniversary of the historic post-inauguration Marches worldwide, hundreds of thousands of women and their free speech communities again took to the streets again with witty signage, chants, and positivity.


People's Climate March, Washington DC 2017

Took up where the 2014 March in NYC left off, with an increased focused on native peoples and youth.


Women's March, Washington DC 2017

1 million people descended on Washington DC to protest the inauguration of #45, creating an indelible imprint of The Resistance, led by coalitions of women, families and kindreds.

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March for Science, NYC 2017

The historic Women’s March 2017 was followed multiple protests such as the Tax March, the March for Science and the March for Truth


People's Climate March, NYC 2014

400,000 people peacefully marched through New York City from all over the US with banners, artwork, signage and performance art to educate about climate change and a #FossilFree World. The beginning of the tipping point.