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Digital Asset Management News: The Insight Exchange Network’s DAM Practitioners’ Summit 2019. 

Insight Exchange Network hosted presentations on the challenges facing DAM practitioners in terms of technology, staffing, scaling, training, evangelizing, and getting ahead career-wise. Case studies highlighted how creative templates create workflow efficiencies and increase brand consistency, and explored the potential of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for metadata and tagging. 

 DAM Guru: The Association of Moving Image Archivists’ Digital Asset Symposium 2018.

“Who lives, who dies? Who tells the story?” sums up how history gets written – by the survivor. Media asset management leaders from non-profits, music entertainment, sports, documentary filmmaking and marketing technology gathered at the Museum of Modern Art for a lineup of thought-provoking presentations on technology, big data, big storage and AI.

Digital Asset Management: Big Content in a Challenging Landscape

Introducing DAM is complex, as it involves numerous stakeholders, creates new workflows, and can encounter resistance to adoption. Understanding the goals of the organization, and its employees’ day to day workflows, is critical to successful planning and deployment of DAM. In the end, implementing DAM can increase productivity, and save companies time and money.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac: NonHumans NYC | Making Sense of the Nonhuman Experience

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NonHumans NYC | Making Sense of the Nonhuman Experience

The NONHUMANS | NYC Kit enables users to alter their sensorial acuities: eyeglass frames with clip-on shades, earplugs, compass, and cell/wifi signal blocking wallet. Also included: field guide, notebook, pencil and chalk. Preview the article at WordsInSpace.