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Earth Day 2019

April 22 is Earth Day this year. It’s a good day for gratitude.

Our Earth is extraordinary. It’s beautiful. And alive. And cares for us.

It’s important to express how much we care. One way I care for the Earth is by doing the best I can to live according to the three R’s:

  • Reduce all consumption

  • Reuse everything as many times as possible

  • Recycle more than my share.

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The Indivisible Guide to Activism Smarts

As we contemplate the so-called ‘filter bubble’ – our hermetic audiences of like-minded people – and how it has recently had such inordinate impact on our political and social culture in the election cycle of 2016, people (meaning us, creatures who seek ease in our digital lives) are tempted to adopt software fixes and tweaks to our Facebook community.

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