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Non-Fiction Books

Non-Fiction Books


Maiden USA: Girl Icons Come of Age, illustrated monograph (2008, Peter Lang Publishing)

Maiden USA: Girl Icons Come of Age explores images of powerful, contradictory pop culture icons of the millennial era, which run the gamut from Mean Girls and their Endangered Victims to Superheroines and Ingenue Goddesses. Are girls of the Title IX generation in need of Internet protection, or are they Supergirls evolving beyond gender stereotypes to rescue us all? Maiden USA provides an overview of girl trends since the ‘90s including the emergence of girls’ digital media-making and self-representation venues via social media as the newest wave of Girl Power.

Selected book talks and Maiden USA multimedia installations and residencies (2000-2009) including curation of films by teenage girl filmmakers, collaborative installations and panels:

Tulane University • Colgate University • Hamilton College • Ithaca College • Bluestockings Books • Reel Grrls • The New School (panel on Girlhood) • Jacob Burns Film Center • Garrison Art Center • 911 Media Arts Center • Media Matters Festival (panel) • Northwest Film Forum

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Other books: 

“The Girl Gaze” chapter in The Mediated Youth Reader ed. Sharon Mazzarella New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2015.

“Supernatural Girls” chapter in Text Messaging, ed. John Alberti, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2008.