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“Heaven’s Garage,” is multimedia novel about Wanda Hemlock, a Kentucky-born songwriter in search of her own authentic sound. Wanda sings backup for a country western diva while living in the shadow of her twin brother’s avatar, Vision, a sci-fi vampire on a cult television show filmed in Hollywood. A near-death encounter leads her to a therapeutic equestrian center in New Mexico, where a red-headed ranch hand from South Africa inspires her to jumpstart her guitar. She heads to an open mic night in Santa Fe and finds unexpected inspiration at an abandoned drive-in movie theater.

Heaven’s Garage includes photo galleries and video clips. The project was developed during a six-week residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. The project was inspired by the songs of Lucinda Williams.

"A Voyage"

"Jane Titan"


Photo Writing

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Photo fictions: original photo and prose poetic series (2012): including “Stop: Irene” “Elf Shoes” “Diana at the Met”