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WCS Blogpost: What’s Your Story? A Playbook for Creative Breakthroughs

Street find. Discovered on 80th between Madison and Park copy.png

by Kathleen Sweeney

Part One: Your Story DNA

Playbook rules:

  1. Rapid fire responses, keep the pen moving.
  2. Do not judge. Do not edit. Keep going.
  3. There are no wrong answers.
  4. There are no right answers.
  5. You can draw in the margins or anywhere you like.
  6. You can always skip a question.
  7. You can always go back later to elaborate, x-out, circle or choose a topic to explore further. 
  8. There are no bad ideas.
  9. Spelling is not important. Leave that for later.
  10. Don’t forget to breathe.
  11. You can use pen, crayon, colored pencils, markers or paint. You choose.
  12. You can scribble over things or tear out pages later.
  13. We all have stories to tell. Sometimes we just forget where they are hidden.
Jeffrey Marino